Augmented NAC Collaborations

Augmented NAC is the extraordinary result of the collaboration of doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, technology experts, and researchers. It was only through the collaboration of multiple talents and experiences that we were able to carry out such an innovative project of great benefit to well-being.

Coordinated teamwork always Augments the outcome. We are interested in collaborating with those who would like to discover with us the many uses and benefits of Augmented NAC.

The ZeroSpike project originated in collaboration with the Italian civic association FRI, when their medical-scientific team asked us to verify in the laboratory the denaturation rate of the toxic spike protein with Augmented NAC versus Standard NAC. This revealed the amazing 99% of denaturation of the spike protein with the Augmented NAC and the possibility of using Augmented NAC as part of the spike detoxification process.

Orion The Outpatient Clinic was established in 2010 from an idea by its founder, Dr. Nicola Pantano. 

The facility is a private outpatient clinic specializing in integrated cancer therapies. The facility's goal all these years has been to follow the oncology patients step by step in all of their daily activities. In particular, a network of doctors has been created who, in close cooperation, seek to improve the quality of life of the cancer patient. As a result, the outpatient clinic has become a reference point throughout the Sicilian region and beyond for the quality of the integrated oncological therapies applied. 

The Orion Outpatient Clinic was one of the first to incorporate Augmented NAC into its medical protocols, with exceptional results. Physicians interested in exchanging experiences with Dr. Pantano can write to us ( for contact. 

TOP SALUS Srl - premium health solutions - is an Italian company specializing in identifying and disseminating innovative and excellent services and products that can improve a person's state of health and quality of life. TOP SALUS has been supplying healthcare professionals, pharmacies, distributors of medical and paramedical products and services for years. Enthusiastic about Augmented NAC, they have been among the pioneers in its dissemination, including through training courses.