Augmented NAC Testimonials

Here we collect testimonials from those who use Augmented NAC.
Sincere thanks to those who wish to share their experience with us: 

Testimonial of Dr. Denef from Belgium on her long-Covid Journey and her path to recovery with Augmented NAC

Dr. Tina Peers and Dr. Pierre Kory report on their experiences with the Augmented NAC

Augmented NAC helps Anna, 24, who suffered from spike protein-induced Long-COVID

Rebecca´S Testimonial


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart ❤️

My experience is very positive, I definitely feel better since taking Augmented NAC!


Thank you! Looking forward to your feedback, I kindly send my best regards.
P.s I think your Augmented NAC is a great product. I first took it to treat the after-effects of Covid but noticed other benefits in terms of joint pain and general wellbeing. Now my cardiopathic mother, who is forced to take so many medicines that give her so many problems, has also decided to take it and I have noticed improvements.
Thanks again



My name is Lisa. I've suffered from vaccine injury since Nov 2021. A year ago things took a turn for the worse. I know I was going through dementia at the age of 41. I work in IT and couldn't do my job anymore. I've lost "friends" and majority of my family over the vaccine injury. I was extremely suicidal and found myself too close to attempting on several occasions, again I was not in control of my brain, probably only thing that stopped me, was knowing that. My mood, my memory, my processing speeds, my energy etc was pretty much ruined as well as every else happening all over my body. I remember saying that I felt like I was getting eaten alive from the inside.

I accidentally came across a post in the LC support group I'm in on facebook, about Augmented NAC, despite being over trying so many different meds and supplements (and the absolute thousands of dollars I have spent and lost over this the last 2.5 years). Dr Tina Peers YouTube video about ANAC convinced me to try it. Thank God I did, it's working miracles for me.

I still have a bit to go re problem solving capabilities and my creative or motivational aspects of my brain but I'm definitely on my way, all thanks to all of you amazing people in Italy.

There is so much more I could say, bottomline though, you have saved my life literally, you've a customer for life...keep doing the great work you are all doing, on my end I'm starting to recommend your product to anyone that will be wise enough to listen.

Thank you thank you thank you


I wish to send this message, that is has been almost 2 weeks with this product, and today I can tell that it's very very very powerful indeed.

Mary Lynn C.

Hi there!

I have just placed my second order so that I never run out of your product.  I think it is the only supplement that I have felt a change in how I is very good and hope you get a distributor in Canada soon.

Thank you,


Good afternoon,

I'd like to email and say thank you ..

I ordered Augmented NAC in early March and have been 22 capsules since receiving it. I'm 52 and a couple of years ago started using testogel. My energy levels became a lot better until around 6 months ago. I started feeling very sleepy and around 4-5pm I would feel exhausted. My breathing (mild asthma) had become worse and have recently been for a sleep test (sleep apnea). Within a couple of days of taking the Augmented NAC my energy levels have improved, my breathing is a lot better. My brain feels so much more alive, in fact I feel more alive than I have for a long time. I've mentioned this to several people as they too (younger than me 40/42) had mentioned that they're always tired, etc etc . I haven't used my asthma inhaler for 2 months now, my wife says that when I sleep 😴 I no longer "click" when breathing ..

Regarding my wife, she was diagnosed with a neurological condition called FND .. Lots of similarities to long Covid, and to be honest her life has been decimated with this condition. She suffers with non-epileptic seizures that can be triggered by sudden sounds.. this results in her energy being wiped out and bed bound for 4-10 days. Last night she took 2 Augmented NAC capsules. I left the house this morning around 8am and returned around 9.30. The first thing my wife said to me was "did the Augmented NAC work straight away for you? My brain fog had gone and my brain feels a lot clearer, usually I need a coffee or two to feel half as good as I do this morning”. I know it's early days, and apologies for my grammar and spelling. I am quietly excited. She has lots of symptoms that match long covid, so maybe she had a bit of both this and FND, but either way I'm hoping that this may help her get her life back..

I'm 52, she's 47 and we both have had 3 covid vaccines.

Many thanks



Thank you very much for the update. As of yesterday, tracking shows it was delivered to Florida so hopefully the order will arrive today.

I appreciate your quick reply!

I am very excited to have my daughter take Augmented NAC.  I believe this will greatly help her health issues.

Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you.



OH MY WORD!!!!!!!

This is the BEST news I've heard since my vaccine!!!!

You have no idea how happy I am and my sister is going to be so overjoyed......

Please don’t forget to message me the moment his stock arrives to South Africa. I will order immediately and also tell my sister to speak with her doctor and spread the wonderful news.

You have been so kind, so helpful and so considerate to keep me updated just from the goodness of your heart. You're a very good person and we need more like you on this planet.

Please let me know the minute he has stock.

Kindest regards and so much gratitude!


I used Augmented NAC for the first time during 2023. I titrated it up slowly over a few weeks.  After about 2 weeks I noticed many benefits to my health which increased over a period of a few months.

My breathing was significantly clearer. My lungs felt open and clear. The overall systemic body inflammation and joint pains had reduced a lot. My energy had increased and I was able to move and do more each day. It was a great feeling.

NAC has a supportive effect on the liver and I believe this amazing supplement has detoxed my system and reduced my toxic burden and improved my overall sense of well-being.

I'm very impressed with the effectiveness of this product and plan to continue using it at least twice a year over a cycle of a few weeks to months at a time.

I would highly recommend this Augmented NAC to anyone looking to achieve the same benefits I have experienced

Happy User


Thank you so much for so kindly replying so quickly.   I very much appreciate your reply and grateful to know these contact details. I have been listening to many online health summits/doco classes and so forth to gain knowledge, and interviews health experts, scientists and a range of people. One has learnt so much about what this spike protein has done, and it has broken my heart to think we have this thing in our body and how destructive it is, and how destructive humans can be to be creating a scenario that is causing a catastrophe in so many ways. But hope is alive and well knowing that there are wonderful humans speaking out and working to overcome this and protocols we can do and things like this Augmented NAC; the more this information reaches all quarters of our global family so that as many people as possible know what is available.

Warm regards,

A friend was sitting on my veranda when I gave him his bottle of your NAC. He took 2 with water, 40 minutes later he said he had a feeling of what felt like a hot wire from his injection site to his heart.  It lasted 20 minutes, 2 weeks in he reports loss of brain fog. Way more energy and confidence.


Wow, you people amaze me with your customer care. I think I am seeing more energy in my husband.  He was always a "goer, I used to call him my wind up bunny like that battery ad....never stops. And with this last illness he would be up for an hour or so and go back to bed for a sleep.  This week no naps are happening.  Hallelujah.  I appreciate all you have helped me with.


Hello again.  FYI, I have had a speedy and satisfactory solution from your distributor.

I am really happy to hear you hope to have a Canadian outlet.  It will make it so easy for us.  Anyway, again I say a big thanks for all your help through this whole process.  And because Wally is feeling so much better I am now talking this Augmented NAC up to everyone I know.  Amazing the different answers you get.  Covid sure has been a divisive force in our world.  Take care all.



My name is Peter. First of all big thanks for your guys work. The Augmented NAC has been an absolute game changer for me in dealing with my long covid symptoms.


Hello Joan,

We are very happy to read that your husband is feeling better, has more energy since started taking Augmented NAC! Many people report to us that the first thing they start noticing when start intaking Augmented NAC is having more energy. We hope to hear more positive updates about your husband's health as the time goes by.

We are working on making it possible for Canadians to being able to place an order from a local Canadian distributor. Hopefully soon we will be able to send you an email with some good news about that!

Best regards,

Augmented NAC Team


Wow, I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.  Your letter makes me understand what happened somewhat better.  Thank you.  And I will let you know how it is resolved.  Take care.  Joan.  And I thank God for having found this product.  It is wonderful to see my old boy becoming more himself.


I am so grateful for this product...lots of significant healing happening and I share my experience since so many of my friends have purchased it

Good job I will be using it for a long time.


Greetings! I just received my augmented NAC a couple of days ago, and I have started with one pill a day, along with continuing activated charcoal in the morning.

After the first dose of one capsule, within minutes I felt lighter, like the clouds were lifting and experienced a sense of happiness and joy that I had not known that I was missing! My energy was amazing and my body felt so much better than I can remember it feeling.

The second day I took it was different. i was absolutely exhausted and I believe it is this process of denaturing the spike protein has begun in earnest and is causing this response. After 24 hours I'm feeling a bit better, but nowhere near I did after the first dose. But I know that it is working! And that's what's most important.

I am planning to increase the dosage to two pills a day today and see how my body responds.

Thank you for making available this amazing creation at so reasonable a price!



Dear Team,

I feel very well, thank you!

I am not vaccinated but I gave a colleague of mine (vaccinated with 3 shots), who had noticed a worsening of her health, which was already bad even before the injections, a bottle of 90 capsules that she started to take regularly (1 a day) and after about a week from the start of the treatment she started to incredibly and literally blossom again, with a noticeable improvement also in her general state of health with reference to the pre-covid period. A few days ago, she completed the 90-day cycle and her health is really super (troubles have literally disappeared and in some cases much improved).

I have also started taking NAC Augmented, as I am in constant contact with vaccinated people, and I have noticed a further improvement in my already excellent state of health! I then started giving and recommending ordering the product by sending your link to several people who had been vaccinated with 2/3 doses and had widespread health problems, more or less serious, to whom I strongly recommended taking the product given the results achieved with my colleague. All the people who have gone through this process by taking NAC Augmented have thanked me sincerely because their state of health has clearly improved (even in cases where it was simply chronic fatigue).

What more can I say? I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you have done and are doing for the good of people!

For my part, I am happy to have helped friends, acquaintances and family members get back on their own path in life! I will continue to help people because my heart, in doing so, is continually filled with joy!!!

Thank you for everything again!

Kind regards


I thank the Federation Renaissance Italy immensely for introducing me to Augmented Nac. After 3 to 4 weeks of taking the supplement, I have regained the sense of smell and taste that I had lost completely for the past year and a half; I have regained clarity of mind and enough energy to cope with daily labors. I request kindly to provide me with more information regarding the urine test that ascertains the presence of the spike protein.

Confident of your kind response , I extend my greetings . May God bless you.


Good morning, I wanted to give you this testimony: a 'friend with two doses, many doubts about the quality of the product, still got the injection and in disagreement with her doctor who wanted to give her also the third dose, agreed to order Augmented NAC. 

She wrote me the day before yesterday telling me enthusiastically that since she started the detox 

(about three weeks) she has started sleeping again, her bowels have regularised, but most importantly, the strange bruises that had started to appear on her arms have completely disappeared. I continue to recommend this detox even though many don't even want to listen. Thank you for your efforts. With sincere affection 


I had the spike test a couple weeks ago and I’m not making spike!!!! I’m so excited about that.

You have saved my life with this Augmented Nac! 

I was on deaths door been sick over two years and now I see some light.

You are the light 💡 in this evil. I love you all for making this to save lives.

With deep respect

I just wanted to thank Dr. Tina Peers for her efforts in restoring my health after taking the Augmented NAC to combat the spike proteins. I'm on day 8, and I feel great! No more racing heart.

She and the Italian group saved my life, and I cannot thank her enough. You are the best. Two years of living hell with the side effects, but it's almost 100% better. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️.

Dan Zamora, Physiotherapist

I just want to say I'm loving the product. I ordered some two weeks ago and feel wonderful. I'm a physiotherapist and have different ever since the vaccine and also getting covid as I work in the hospital. Mostly it was my heart that always felt odd. I was even in tachycardia at rest which never happens to me unless it's an anxiety attack. Palpations as well. Ever since Augmented NAC I now am starting to feel normal again like I used to. No more heart symptoms. Amazing.


When I started taking the NAC my head pressure decreased and a lot of pain. My stomach was a  constant source of pain and belching all day while rumbling and roaring. Nac has been effective in reducing a great deal of my stomach issues.

I also have my energy while taking the augmented NAC and less joint pain. I feel it is helping to restore my health in a plethora of ways.

Dr. M.S. (USA)

Want to share a family member's story who used Augmented NAC. She had a relapse of vaccine injury and had refractory joint pains and redness on palms and soles. Went to her doctor who said that he will run the rheumatoid factor and related labs. She was taking naproxen without much relief. Then, I offered her the Augmented NAC you had sent to me. In one day she had pains, redness, and swelling gone. Continued for a couple of days and no more issues. For me this statement of a patient is always a verification of a good outcome, she said to me, "what will I do when I run out of this NAC? Where will I get it from?"
I am impressed with the results.

Scott Marsland, FNP-C (USA)

My patient has been on Augmented NAC for two weeks. She just wrote me: “I’m like a bunny bouncing off the walls. Pain has decreased.  The difference is 1000 fold, Augmented NAC is “liquid gold.”  My mental health and brain fog are better. I’ve lost weight, 30 pounds.”

Dr. S.M. also wrote us: “ she was then able to have surgery preserving her ability to walk. If she did not have the Augmented NAC, respiratory status was so poor that they would have refused to do surgery. There is 50% intrusion into the spinal canal and she could become paralyzed at any moment. This Augmented NAC  therapeutic literally has saved her life.


Small feedback. 

I just wrote a friend for whom I had placed the last order and she told me that her son (2 doses of v.) after 10 days of treatment feels much better. The same this friend with 0 doses but lots of after-effects from Covid. She told me she will sign up for FRI. 

Thank you very much !


Today I received the result of the spike test. I want to thank you for all that you have done during these dark years for normal people like me. Thanks to your advice, Dr. Bolgan's videos and the assistance of the Doctors affiliated with you, I was able to brilliantly overcome the disease and no longer have any after-effects in my system. I can finally turn over a new page. I will continue to follow you with interest, even in the future. 

You have been, for me, guardian angels, lighting the way for me to maintain my health. 

Long life to your association. 



Good morning, 

I just ordered 3 Augmented Nac taking advantage of your offer. Since I would need to order 3 more and this offer is usable by members only once, I wanted to ask you if I need to use the latest codes sent by you or the ones still used in November for the previous order to proceed with a new "normal" order. 

Thank you for your continued efforts. Augmented Nac so far is allowing my daughter and I to pass unscathed amidst a multitude of schoolmates and co-workers perpetually sick with flu and pneumonia. 

Best regards


I purchased the Augmented NAC about 2 months ago. We wanted to check its effects, out of curiosity, since we had no particular problems related to covid.. We both noticed increased energy and well-being in general. Our sleep is more peaceful and we wake up more rested. Our mood has improved and even some of the minor aches and pains due to age, unfortunately, have lessened….  

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