Augmented NAC Testimonials

Here we collect testimonials from those who use Augmented NAC.
Sincere thanks to those who wish to share their experience with our high-tech supplement: 

Dr. Tina Peers and Dr. Pierre Kory report on their experiences with the Augmented NAC

Augmented NAC helps Anna, 24, who suffered from spike protein-induced Long-COVID

Rebecca´S Testimonial


Since having covid and Pfizer I have felt generally unwell. Typical long covid symptoms. Brain fog, tiredness and joint/muscle pain.
For nearly a month I’ve been taking ANAC and using the arc machine.
Feeling  greatly improved although still have muscle pain. However with my general fitness improved I will embark on an exercise regime as well.
I think that the ANAC and arc are helping tremendously.


Buonasera, circa tre mesi fa ho iniziato a far assumere la NAC a mia figlia quindicenne (nuotatrice fondista
NON vaccinata, ma si allena con tutte proprio tutte le sue "colleghe" vaccinate tutti i giorni). Posso dirvi che sta recuperando alla grande tutto ciò che aveva perso prima di iniziare questo percorso, non si sente più stanca ,le gare riesce a portarle a termine come prima e i suoi migliori  tempi sono molto vicini.

I just wanted to thank Dr. Tina Peers for her efforts in restoring my health after taking the Augmented NAC to combat the spike proteins. I'm on day 8, and I feel great! No more racing heart.

She and the Italian group saved my life, and I cannot thank her enough. You are the best. Two years of living hell with the side effects, but it's almost 100% better. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️.

Dan Zamora, Physiotherapist

I just want to say I'm loving the product. I ordered some two weeks ago and feel wonderful. I'm a physiotherapist and have different ever since the vaccine and also getting covid as I work in the hospital. Mostly it was my heart that always felt odd. I was even in tachycardia at rest which never happens to me unless it's an anxiety attack. Palpations as well. Ever since Augmented NAC I now am starting to feel normal again like I used to. No more heart symptoms. Amazing.


When I started taking the NAC my head pressure decreased and a lot of pain. My stomach was a  constant source of pain and belching all day while rumbling and roaring. Nac has been effective in reducing a great deal of my stomach issues.

I also have my energy while taking the augmented NAC and less joint pain. I feel it is helping to restore my health in a plethora of ways.

Dr. M.S. (USA)

Want to share a family member's story who used Augmented NAC. She had a relapse of vaccine injury and had refractory joint pains and redness on palms and soles. Went to her doctor who said that he will run the rheumatoid factor and related labs. She was taking naproxen without much relief. Then, I offered her the Augmented NAC you had sent to me. In one day she had pains, redness, and swelling gone. Continued for a couple of days and no more issues. For me this statement of a patient is always a verification of a good outcome, she said to me, "what will I do when I run out of this NAC? Where will I get it from?"
I am impressed with the results.

Scott Marsland, FNP-C (USA)

My patient has been on Augmented NAC for two weeks. She just wrote me: “I’m like a bunny bouncing off the walls. Pain has decreased.  The difference is 1000 fold, Augmented NAC is “liquid gold.”  My mental health and brain fog are better. I’ve lost weight, 30 pounds.”

Dr. S.M. also wrote us: “ she was then able to have surgery preserving her ability to walk. If she did not have the Augmented NAC, respiratory status was so poor that they would have refused to do surgery. There is 50% intrusion into the spinal canal and she could become paralyzed at any moment. This Augmented NAC  therapeutic literally has saved her life.


Small feedback. 

I just wrote a friend for whom I had placed the last order and she told me that her son (2 doses of v.) after 10 days of treatment feels much better. The same this friend with 0 doses but lots of after-effects from Covid. She told me she will sign up for FRI. 

Thank you very much !


Today I received the result of the spike test. I want to thank you for all that you have done during these dark years for normal people like me. Thanks to your advice, Dr. Bolgan's videos and the assistance of the Doctors affiliated with you, I was able to brilliantly overcome the disease and no longer have any after-effects in my system. I can finally turn over a new page. I will continue to follow you with interest, even in the future. 

You have been, for me, guardian angels, lighting the way for me to maintain my health. 

Long life to your association. 



Good morning, 

I just ordered 3 Augmented Nac taking advantage of your offer. Since I would need to order 3 more and this offer is usable by members only once, I wanted to ask you if I need to use the latest codes sent by you or the ones still used in November for the previous order to proceed with a new "normal" order. 

Thank you for your continued efforts. Augmented Nac so far is allowing my daughter and I to pass unscathed amidst a multitude of schoolmates and co-workers perpetually sick with flu and pneumonia. 

Best regards


I purchased the Augmented NAC about 2 months ago. We wanted to check its effects, out of curiosity, since we had no particular problems related to covid.. We both noticed increased energy and well-being in general. Our sleep is more peaceful and we wake up more rested. Our mood has improved and even some of the minor aches and pains due to age, unfortunately, have lessened….  


I had covid end of year 2020, treated without medication and without taking anything. I had symptomatology especially in my nose. I felt particularly the left nostril free that is, as if there was a duct just free open but at the same time it was closed and I didn't blow my nose, there was no secretion. Then it took my taste and smell, the night of the strange sensations: the tongue was swollen and kneaded. In short, it was not a good feeling. These symptoms passed and with the first cold weather I found myself having a different nose than I had before COVID. Particularly even this summer, with the heat, I was struggling to breathe. Really bad feeling that initially I was dabbing with lavender ointment taken from the herbalist shop that helped a little bit however I realized that something was still missing. I have been following Dr. Bolgan since 2020. I didn't do any serum. Then the great detection of this Augmented NAC. I did not hesitate to take it and ordered it right away. Already after two three weeks I noticed that my nose was changing: it was getting better. Today it's two months that I've been taking it and I can say just in absolute peace and serenity that my nose has recovered in my opinion 95 percent and I started blowing my nose again, which was not happening because there was no more secretion and it was dry. So here I am very very happy and very satisfied. I congratulate you for this research you have done and for all the work you are doing for humanity.  

Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart.  

Yay despite everything  

A hug!


Thank you very much for the information. 

As always you are accurate, very fast and comprehensive. 

Really happy to have found you. 

Thank you again



Sono utilizzatore della NAC Aumentata da circa un mese e mezzo. Rispetto a due mesi fa non avverto piu stanchezza, sono molto piu vigile e lucido mentalmente. Che dire GRAZIE GRAZIE GRAZIE. Ho appena prenotato altroi due flaconi per me e mio figlio e 2 per un mio collega che vuole provare.... AD MAIORA

Maria luisa

Excellent product 

In fact it came at the end of the year and I would like to get it again 

I intend to buy it again 

I found it very good 

Thank you 


My experience with the augmented NAC is very positive: in fact, I feel that the immune system works well (I have not been vaccinated); moreover, my sister, for whom I bought the second pack (she is also not vaccinated) also has very good feedback on the beneficial effects.

As always, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work.


Good evening, my daughters and I started taking augmented Nac about 20 days ago. I am not vaccinated, but I have taken covid 2 times and now feel much less tired. My older daughter had taken a dose and had been suffering from migraines ever since, but thanks to the Nac and the bracelet the migraines have been gone for the past few days. My younger daughter also not vaccinated I am giving it to her to feel safer. Thank you again for all the work you are doing.


It is my wife and I and we have been using Augmented Nac since the beginning. I have definitely had an improvement in persistent fatigue and my wife has resolved a migrating pain from forearm to arm. Both of us have also started practicing yoga.

Recently my in-laws contracted covid and I would like to experiment with Augmented Nac on them as well who report persistent fatigue and also symptoms of confusion or mental lapses.


My unvaccinated daughter was dating a peer with 3 doses, he was not well lately and I noticed that however my daughter was also no longer "healthy" complaining of migraines, fatigue joint pains and all this scared me a lot. I have been following Dr. Bolgan for as long as I can remember and when I heard and read the latest studies I immediately went ahead and purchased Augmented Nac for all five of us. My daughter is definitely better very energetic. We even caught this latest version of seasonal flu and with excitement I tell you we were cured in 48h without very active medications and the nose was discharging so much without headaches as we used to get. I also bought for my parents the Augmented Nac, their three doses unfortunately and on the energy level and when the pains go divine 🙏 I am helping a family and gave them the Nac, the 22 year old boy three doses was very sick, anal bleeding, joint pains he had covid several times, we are monitoring him, his mom tells me he is seeing much much much better. What can I say except infinitely THANK YOU 🙏WITH AFFECTION I salute you, THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMITMENT THAT GOD BLESS YOU❤️😇🙏


My experience with augmented NAC is very positive: in fact, every day I see the beneficial effects on my immune system.

Also, I can say the same about my sister, for whom I bought a package.

Both of us are not vaccinated and in December last year we contracted the disease in a mild form.

As always, I thank you for your valuable work.

Kind regards.


I've been using Augmented Nac for three days; within minutes of first taking it, I distinctly felt a change in energy that I try to describe: something resuming flowing smoothly and lightly, I felt reVITAlized and full of energy (at my level), happy as if a dull veil or blockage had been lifted. Wonderful! I rested better in the deeper sense of relaxation, a sense of relaxation that continues throughout the day that is transmitted emotionally; a muscle pain from exertion (picking olives) scapula arm that I had for a week was reduced in the early morning by 90% and then went away completely. I see my eyes brighter. I chose to take Augmented NAC to limit the damage from passive vaccination. I have not taken any synthetic drugs (phytotherapy and homeopathy) for decades; I do not suffer, as far as I can tell, from any major diseases; only organic diet. I thank you infinitely for what you do.


I purchased this product because, although I did not do the serum, I got covid a year ago (presumably from the one colleague who had done the inoculation and infected the whole office a few days later) and have been suffering from fatigue and hip pain ever since.

I have been taking nac for a week now and I notice improvements with respect to joint pain, in fact I can turn over in bed at night without waking up from the twinges.


Today is the seventh day I have been taking Nac.

I have been off cortisone for seven days for my fingers that had swollen, at the same time an excruciating pain I used to feel on waking up in my left arm has (almost) disappeared; the tachycardia has also lessened as well as the tinnitus: still has them, but in a milder form.

And thank you for everything


Good evening,

I write to you with much gratitude.

I don't know if I can find the words to express it fully, I consider myself lucky and guided to have found Dr. Bolgan's site and passed it on to others in need.

With the help of osteopath sessions and taking Nac, by making use of the bracelet the head msg, extrasystole and feeling of fatigue have almost completely disappeared. My nervous system is coming into alignment

Thank you from the bottom of my heart


I am taking NAC with bracelet since 24-11-22 after having covid and negative result the previous day 23-11-22.

Since I had lost the taste and smell I must say that now after only 7 days they are back to 90%.

Maria Letizia

I had just been taken it when I caught covid, so I started using it in the recommended dosage (2 cp per di) with the synergy of the bracelet. I am on the 4th day of positivity, it is dislodging a lot of mucus which I then remove with daily saline flushes. So far it is going well.


Good morning, I ordered the Nac for me my husband last week, noticing already a great improvement, conquered by this, I decided to give it x Christmas to friends and family.


Buongiorno, volevo sapere come poter reperire la NAC AUMENTATA non saprei se ho contratto la "malattia " in questi due anni , però, dopo aver visto l'ultimo video del Dr Massimo Citro e gli ultimi studi della dott.ssa Bolgan , vorrei proteggee me e le persone che mi stanno vicine , da eventuali brutte sorprese ...grazie per il lavoro ENORME ed impagabile che fate per l'umanità intera ! Forza non mollate mai !


Hi, first of all I wanted to congratulate you, Dr. Bolgan and all the staff of doctors/se...

I take augmented NAC daily and I have had improvements in the sense that I can sleep longer, which since I had the vaccine I used to wake up 2 times in my sleep not having a long and deep sleep. Since a week I am starting to have a longer and deeper sleep.



seguo FRI da ormai 2 anni, sono riuscito a non far vaccinare nessuno della mia famiglia anche se con mia moglie è stata dura e siamo addirittura arrivati alla crisi matrimoniale. Poi col tempo mi ha ringraziato, anche xchè nell'ultimo periodo ormai è palese che la gente sta morendo in circostanze assurde.

Vi chiedo cortesemente di indicarmi la procedura per ottenere la Nac Aumentata... xchè, anche se ho avuto il covid una sola volta i miei colleghi sono tutti "vaccinati" e mi alleno in palestra.

Grazie per tutto quello che fate e sono sicuro che Dio si sta servendo di voi per proteggere il più possibile l'umanità.


Good evening,

I have been taking augmented NAC (2 a day) and NAC bracelet for a week now and can testify when below:

My nose, after contracting Covid now almost two years ago, began to have strange pain in the nose, nose sometimes stuffy with difficulty breathing, nose that even this summer with 40 degrees became cold, nose that sometimes perceived altered, strong, annoying smells...nose that had stopped having secretion...had become dry, nasal dryness.

After only a week of augmented NAC and NAC bracelet my nose is already better, no more patching, breathing well, and I started blowing my nose again after almost two years.

Yay! 💯💃❤️

Thank you ❤️


All the people around me have been vaccinated and I see them every day struggling with small or big problems. From the little girl who missed her period from the moment she got her third dose, to her friend who suddenly appeared with Renault syndrome, to my mother who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

I personally do not have any disorders.

After seeing an interview with Dr. Mantovani in which he points out the possibility that vaccine spike is also present in the blood of the unvaccinated, I would like to try Augmented Nac. I am doing this for myself but more importantly for all the people around me that I see suffering, with the hope that I can set an example and offer them a remedy that can alleviate their symptoms.


I am writing to thank you for your commitment and the fight you are doing for all of us. I have already arranged for the purchase of two NAC Augmented NACs for the mother who due to outside pressure did the serum and for my ex-husband who had to do it due to work issues. I also received a phone call from you of interest to know how he had reacted. Now I thought that as far as I am concerned, giving these two treatments to them for Christmas is the best money spent. I am counting on the fact that thanks to my gift they can overcome the intoxication from the spike protein that I have a good understanding of the damage it does.


Good morning, I purchased Nac for my parents who are both vaccinated, my father at this time has developed a severe cough and my mother also for about a year has always had a mild but persistent cough, they have been using Nac for almost 1 week and both have already had a noticeable improvement. I will continue to put them on Nac throughout the winter. I also take it for prevention.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart